An Original Musical By MIT Students

Writing Hack, Punt, Tool: By the Numbers

workshop readings 3
meetings with Michael Cuthbert, Julie’s music advisor 15 ± 3
“emergency” meetings 19 ± 4
emails sent over 9,000
longest Skype call 12 hours 23 minutes
total hours spent on Skype 250 ± 50
greatest number of scene/song drafts “Wank, Wank, Wank”: 20 ± 2 drafts found
highlighter colors used on Google docs 14 ± 2
total number Google docs used 160 ± 2
number of times we broke Google docs too many…
miles put on Julie’s car to attend meetings 3600
number of hours we kept Daniel away from lab shhh… don’t tell his advisor…
gallons of juice consumed 104 ± 19
people on the creative mailing list 19
number of shows listened to for inspiration 79 ± 10
character with the most name changes Tensor: formerly (Lorentz, Talia, Tali, Euler, and Sir Jection)
single word yielding the longest discussion “scoffed”: 22 hours ± 5
dawns shared 30 ± 7
craziest time signature purposed 19/8

-The Writers

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