An Original Musical By MIT Students

Costume Sketches


By day, the characters of Hack, Punt, Tool dress–if not all-around normally–normally by MIT standards.  But by night, they don their black badassery to pull their non-malicious mischief on the Institvte.  
The costumes team wanted to make sure this “Haxx0r” mode included touches of each character’s personality, hence the splashes of color among the black.  The signature colors of each hacker prompted one director to declare “Go, go, Power Rangers!”  Also, we wanted to keep a baseline of practicality: hackers are suckers for pageantry, but they need to be able to climb and jump and carry their many tools.  This in turn led to the overuse of the prefix “Utili-,” as in, “I swear it’s not a corset– it’s a utili-corset!”  The result was equal parts fancy and functional, cyberpunk and lolita, highlander and hotness. 
Ah, the good ole reliable campus police.  While actually aping the MIT CP uniforms would verge on disrespect (and a bit of a safety issue), the costumes team tried to capture a more generic uniform that allows their personalities to shine through.  From left to right we have the demure Officer DeeDee Kalf, the ambitious Officer Frey Pachino, the bombastic Sgt. Bruce E. Sprinkles, and the bumbling but lovable Officer Barry Claw.  The funny thing about this sketch is that it was done before the parts were actually cast…and ended up looking a lot like the actors who ultimately played the roles.  
Will this motley assortment of cops cooperate to bring down the hack?  Come find out!
-Emily Rosser ’12ish (Master Seamstress, Officer Deedee Kalf)
Sketches by Emily Rosser, Designs by Emily Rosser and Kirsten Olson

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