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HPT Revival and Original Cast

Hi everybody,

A lot of the original HPT cast and crew came to see the revival production this IAP!   I asked cast and crew members who shared the same role to get together for a picture. Please enjoy the results!


Tess:  Allison Schneider and Ellena Popova

Corot1    Corot2

Corot: Daniel Gonzalez and Kim Dauber at opening-night Uno’s dinner.


Electra: Kristina Kim and Pauline Varley


Tensor:  Hiccup and Steven Keyes engaged in a game of cat’s cradle.


Faraday:  Alejandro Vientos and Lian Guertin ready for a nap.


Piston: Caroline Aronoff and Allan Sadun


Cops: The Pachino’s: Sami Luis (in spirit, via phone) and Jessica Noss; The Kalf’s:  Taylor Sims and Emily Rosser;  The Claw’s: Noah McDaniel and Rob Morrison; The Sprinkle’s: Jacob Miske and Luis Orrego


Hacksemble: (back from 2017 cast)  Marian Heman-Ackah, Sarah Goodman, Zixi Liu, Max Beeman, Natasha Stark, Sammy Luo, Luke Sciarappa, Alex Martirosiam; (front from the 2012 cast): Jessica Noss and Sally Guthrie


Directors: dRachel Bowens-Rubin, Krista Sergi, Kirsten Olson, and Carrie Fowle

Music Directors

Music/Orchestra Directors: Julie Henion and Kyle Saleeby on the dome.

Ropes Technicians

Rope Technicians: Itaru Hiromi and dRache Bowens-Rubin harnessed in.