An Original Musical By MIT Students

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Review and Production Photos

We got a great review in the Tech!  Check it out here:

We also have some fabulous production photos taken by Lenny Martinez.  Album is here:

There are only two more performances!  Reserve tickets online.


Tonight’s Show Cancelled

Hello everyone,

As some of you may be aware, MIT is closed today due to the snow.  Unfortunately, this means that our Thursday evening performance is cancelled.  There are still seats on Friday and Saturday that you can reserve.

We are exploring the possibility of adding a matinee on Saturday.  If we decide to do that, we’ll let you know!


E25 Hack

The 2017 showing of Hack, Punt, Tool opened last Friday!

Over the weekend, hackers honored the opening of the show by turning the windows of E25 into a stoplight, reading the letters “HPT.”  The hack was a tribute to the 2007 traffic light hack which inspired the name of the show.


Photo Credit to Tristan Honscheid