An Original Musical By MIT Students



Writers of Hack, Punt, Tool

Julie Henion (Composer)

Julie graduated in MIT’s class of 2011 with a double major in Mechanical Engineering and Music.  A lifelong theater fan, she was first exposed to the theater writing process at a summer camp called Silver Lake Conference Center during high school in which a team of forty students and ten counselors wrote and performed an original musical within one week.  Julie never considered pursuing music at a collegiate level, but a passionate and inspirational Music Department faculty changed everything.  Interests in theater and conducting led to her first experience with the Musical Theater Guild as Assistant Music Director of last January’s production of Jekyll and Hyde.  It was during that production that she met her future co-writers.  Julie would like to thank her music professors and collaborators, as well as her family and friends for putting up with her being holed up in her room working on music for a year.

Daniel Levine (Lyricist)

Daniel is currently a senior pursuing a double major in chemistry and mathematics.  Though harboring a life-long love of musicals and performing, crewing, and producing numerous plays in high school, it took him until his junior year to become involved with the MIT Musical Theater Guild.  The prospect of wordplay, a purely for-fun creative outlet, and the desire to help make this show a reality drew Daniel out of the chemistry lab (for a time) to work on this show. Though journeying far away from MIT next year for graduate school, his time spent here will always be in his thoughts.  Daniel hopes you will come to see and enjoy this little tid-bit of the Institute that he loves so much in “Hack, Punt, Tool”.

Zach Barryte (Book-writer)

Zach is a current student at MIT, currently studying Computer Science, Media Studies, and Planetary Science, and though he’s not studying it, theatre has always been a part of Zach’s life — his mother, Marcia, is a middle school theatre teacher and his brother, Michael, enjoyed acting.  Zach often preferred to sit in the corner and draw, but the influence of long car rides listening to that next show his mom was about to put up or seeing his brother on stage eventually got him interested in what it would be like to be a bit more outgoing.  Zach’s finally found a use for his knowledge about musicals and his love for vomit-writing and he hopes you come see “Hack, Punt, Tool.”

Rachel Bowens-Rubin (Book-writer)

dRachel (the d is not a mistake) graduated in 2011 with a double major in Physics and Planetary Science and is currently a masters student doing research in the MIT Planetary Science department.  Well… after the show is over, she will stop using Hack, Punt, Tool to punt and will be doing research…

Danbee Kim (Book-writer)

Danbee earned her nickname “tauntaun” in her first original MTG production, Star Wars: The Musical Trilogy. After such a mindblowing freshman year experience, she’s totally stoked to be part of another original production, which she hopes will be just as amazing an experience for the current students in the cast, especially the freshmen. Tauntaun graduated in 2009 with a degree in Brain and Cognitive Sciences, currently works at the Museum of Science, and plans to run away to the circus.

Hubert Hwang  (Orchestrator)

Hubert graduated from MIT in 2007 and immediately went into software.  He is just now recovering from that dreadful mistake and will soon become a full-fledged middle-school math teacher.  Hubert took far too long to realize that he is actually a fan of musical theatre, but he has made up for lost time thanks to MTG.  He’s excited for the show’s run, which he will watch from the restricted-view area right behind the drum kit.

Matt Putnam (Orchestrator)

Matt’s first show with MTG was an original production, a musical rendition of the original Star Wars trilogy.  Many years and many shows later, he is thrilled to be contributing to another original production.