An Original Musical By MIT Students


Original Cast Album Cover

Hack, Punt, Tool is an original musical about a fictional group of MIT students who are working together to build an anonymous technological prank, or a “hack.”  The story follows the adventures of a freshman, Billie Rogers, who wants to join the hackers so she can be hardk0re. As the campus police, romantic entanglements, and old misunderstandings challenge the success of the hack, the hackers learn to trust in their friends and discover how to deal with exclusion, self-respect, and forgiveness.

For almost a year (January to December 2011), the Hack, Punt, Tool team abandoned their sleep and sanity in order to pour their efforts into the show. During the writing process, the script and lyrics underwent three workshopped readings and morphed under the collaborative efforts of numerous sources outside of the core writing and music teams.

To learn more about what hacking at MIT is, please visit

For your viewing pleasure, here’s the video of the 2017 revival!

The original production from 2012 is available for viewing with captions on YouTube.

Legalese: The MIT Musical Theatre Guild does not endorse hacking, cracking, phreaking, or fracking*.  Opinions expressed in  blog entries may not represent the views of the MIT Musical Theatre Guild.  Hacking may cause cancer in the state of California.  Do not drive or operate heavy machinery while hacking.  Pregnant women should not hack during the 3rd trimester.  Above all, use common sense.

*But we do endorse fraking.