An Original Musical By MIT Students

Choreographer/Writer’s Thoughts Before Prod Week

Written 1/28/2012

Writing Hack, Punt, Tool was an excuse to break down the behavior of MIT students. Thinking about what kinds of motivations influenced people’s actions was an interesting exercise, but we had the additional constraint of creating the spectrum of characters – hero, villian, romantic interest, best friend, eager padawan, etc. – who were believably MIT students. They needed to be internally consistent and believably intelligent, but there was a whole spectrum of ways that logic could be thwarted by emotion.

And I wanted our story to resonate with anyone, regardless of whether they are hackers or MIT students. In the end Hack, Punt, Tool became a story about people passionate to fulfill a goal and learning how much they need each other to accomplish great goals.

I was also sneaking on my choreographer’s hat while writing – I’ve been dying to do a show where the characters all move with a practical, efficient flavor to their postures. Martial dance is one of my favorite forms of movement, and I can’t wait to see how it all looks when everything has been drilled and pulled together.

Danbee Kim ’09 (Choregorapher/Writer)

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